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Our Businesses

We have a wide range of businesses and keep growing both in number and scope.

The following is a brief overview of our businesses.

Social Services

Since the beginning of 21st century, a growing number of social services have been outsourced to private and non-government sectors. Taking this opportunity, JWCU started to set up "Community Welfare Centers" to provide a new type of social services that involve citizens in management and activities in a co-operative style.

We envision these Centers to be the community hubs, business strongholds for community well-being as well as citizens' favorate places to gather.

The Centers throughout Japan provide a wide range of services, including:

Services for the Aged: Home health and personal care, home delivered meals, day care and preventive care;
Services for Children & Parents: Day care and after-school programs;
Support for People with Disabilities: Day care, vocational training, job assistance and job creation;
Support for Youth: Operation of "Youth Support Stations," job assistance and internships;
Support for Public Assistance Recipients: Job assistance and job creation;
Support for Disaster Victims: Vocational training, job assistance and job creation;
Operation of Public Facilities: Community centers, senior centers, hot spring and funeral homes;
Operation of Public Child Care Facilities: Nurseries, after-school programs and parents-child plazas; and
Education & Training: Training to become home-helpers (i.e. home care workers).

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance services, which started as a cleaning service and expanded to the total building management, had long been the main business for JWCU since its foundation.

Our unique "New Cleaning Method" is well received as an effective system to keep buildings beautiful and hygienic.

An increasing number of people with disabilities, young people who are trying to rejoin the society and older people are also working in these fields.

Our building maintenance services include:

Maintenance of Hospitals: Cleaning, waste management, food services and shop management at hospitals; and
Total Building Management: Welfare facilities and office buildings.

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Environmental Services

As our society shifts from mass-production, mass-consumption and mass-waste to recycling and re-using, this area of business is expected to become more and more significant.

Our environmental services include:

Park Maintenance: Cleaning and greening; and
Waste Management: Waste collection at parks and hospitals and recycling waste.

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Food, Agriculture & Environment

We are committed to promote associated work in this area through positive partnerships with producers who are concerned about the nation's food and agriculture.

JWCU is also promoting agriculture that produces safe foods and is environmentally friendly.

Through food businesses like home-delivered meals and farmers' markets, we also strive to restore human bonds and rebuild communities.

Our businesses in this area include:

Direct Sales from Producers;
Job Training and Job Creation in agriculture; and
Nanohana (Rapeseeds) Project: Grow rapeseeds and produce cooking oil from the 1st extract & biofuel from the 2nd extract.
Inter-Coop Contract

Our broad network with other co-ops provides inter-sectoral partnerships in operation.

Examples include:

Commodity Distribution at consumer co-ops and
Food Processing at JA (Japan Agricultural Co-operative)

Other Businesses

Although smaller in number, there are many other cooperative enterprises, including:

Taxi and Transportation
Publication and Filming

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