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At a Glance (as of March 2012)

Name Japan Workers' Co-operative Union (Jigyodan), abbr. JWCU
Foundation September 1979
Representative Yuzo NAGATO, President and CEO
Member Co-ops 59 member co-ops
Membership 12,765 worker-members
42,243 Older Persons' Co-ops members
Annual Sales 30.4 billion yen (Fiscal Year 2011)
Location Kobunsha Bldg. 6th FL., 3-1-2 Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0014, Japan
Telephone +81-3-6907-8040
Fax +81-3-6907-8041
E-Mail Address rngukism@roukyou.gr.jp
Web Site Address http://english.roukyou.gr.jp

Business Operations: FY 2011

Turnover Growth: FY 1998-2011

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