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Why the Law on  Associated Workers' Co-operatives?
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Japan is one of the few developed countries without a workers cooperative law. Compared with Enropean countries, the concept of worker cooperative (i.e., people create their own jobs, make capital contributions and have control over management) is still uncommon in Japan. However, the fact tells us that more than 30,000 people are already involved in associated work in Japan.

Work is an essential part of our lives. Yet, it is increasingly treated like marchandize, with little respect, leading to a less respetful society. We believe that this phenomenon has derived from the excessive market economy and competition.

More and more people are now calling for decent jobs. Their urgent message is "We like to work and live like humans." Through the new way of working (i.e., associated work), we seek to create decent jobs which can also revitalize our community and society. With these strong wishes, JWCU proposes a new legislation on associated work.

Our goals through this legislation are:

To create jobs that can contribute to the society,
To support and raise the spirit of "creating own jobs,"
To improve quality of work: to work and live like a human,
To develop a new "public" sector through associated work, and
To promote civic involvement in community development.

Our Legislative Efforts

November 25, 2000 Worker Cooperative Legislation Civic Council was founded.
2001-2008 JWCU held a series of citizen forums for Law on Associated Workers' Co-operatives throughout the nation.
Fall 2007-
Spring 2008
More than 10,000 groups and organizations signed the letters to support the Law on Associated Workers' Cooperatives.
December 2007- Submission of an opinion paper to the Diet, requesting the immediate approval of the legislation, has been adopted at 838 municipality assemblies (as of October 2013).
February 20, 2008- A non-partisan, all-party parliamentary group was founded to promote the legislation. As of July 2013, the group has 113 members.
November 14, 2008 National Association of Chairpersons of City Councils adopted the request for immediate approval of the legislation.

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