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About Us: JWCU Organizational Structure

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Japan Institute of Cooperative Research (JICR)

Japan Institute of Cooperative Research (JICR) was established in 1991 to develop comprehensive strategies of co-operative and non-profit organization movement. As of March 2012, JICR has nearly 500 members (e.g., professors, researchers and activists).

The main activities of JICR include: organizing symposia and study groups on job creation, cooperation and other relevant issues; publishing journals; as well as collecting and disseminating information on worker cooperatives throughout the world.

Older Persons' Cooperatives

Based on the practice of associated work and recognizing the population aging in Japan, JWCU initiated the establishement of older persons' cooperatives with 2 goals: "letting no one become bed-ridden" and "more energetic lives for the healthy older persons." Started in Mie Prefecture in 1995, there are now 31 older persons' cooperatives (as of July 2013) throughout the nation. Their activities; such as social services, club activities and advocacy efforts; are based on the common theme "well-being, job creation and Ikigai (life-worth-living)."

Japan Older Persons' Cooperative Union (JOCU) was set up in 2001 to unite the efforts among older persons' cooperatives. As of July 2013, 21 out of 31 older persons' cooperatives are JOCU members. JOCU is also a member of JWCU.
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