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About Us: JWCU Mission & Principles


What an Associated Worker Cooperative Aims for

An associated worker cooperative:
  1. Places the greatest value on our lives and decent work,
  2. Achieves "good work" through practice of associated work,
  3. Develops a worker- and citizen-centered "New Business Model", and
  4. Builds "New Welfare Society" where all persons cooperate and coexist in harmony.

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Guidelines for Associated Work, Management and Movement

We will create and develop good work with involvement of worker-members and citizens.
  1. Workers and citizens create jobs.
    1. We will find meaningful jobs that are needed by people and communities.
    2. We will make our business plans together.
    3. We will raise our own funds.
    4. We will actively respond to ever-changing social needs.
  2. We continuously pursue good work.
    1. We value our own work.
    2. We will show the power of teamwork.
    3. We will attain necessary expertise, techniques and skills.
    4. We will decide the objectives, standards and procedures together.
    5. We will keep work records.
    6. We will regularly examine the results of our work and make improvement.
  3. We improve the quality of good work through suggestions and network.
    1. We will plan works that are needed by people and communities and make suggestions.
    2. We will develop cooperative enterprises with multiple stakeholders.
We will pursue democratic management of, by and for all members.
  1. Democratic management by all members
    1. Basically, all the workers contribute to the capital in order to become members.
    2. Regardless of the amount of capital subscription, each worker-member will participate in management based on the "one person, one vote" principle.
    3. We will set the business plans together, pursue sound management according to the management index and expand our businesses.
  2. Desirable officers and leaders
    1. Basically, officers and leaders are elected among and by members.
    2. Members will cooperate with the officers and leaders they elected.
    3. Officers and leaders will take responsibilities for development of democratic management by all members through the following measures.
      1. To present the mission and vision of the organization.
      2. To understand the current situation of the organization and provide information to the members.
      3. To propose appropriate policies and promote discussion and practice of all the members.
  3. Distribution of the business results
    1. A certain percentage of the turnover will be reserved for the development of cooperative (reserved fund).
    2. If there is any surplus at the end of the fiscal year, it will be distributed, by the will of members, in the following order.
      1. Fund for job creation, training and education and mutual-aides.
      2. Distribution to members in proportion to the amount of their work.
      3. Distribution to members in proportion to the amount of capital subscription (not exceeding the limited proportion).
    3. Reserved funds are not distributed to members but the common property (indivisible reserve). These funds will be continuously used for development of associated work by workers and citizens across the generations.
We will promote community development businesses and activities.
  1. We will develop businesses and activities which help resolving communities' problems.
  2. We will create new industries and jobs from the community through "comprehensive life businesses," which contributes to the "welfare community development."
  3. With citizens taking lead in planning, proposing and implementing the business, we will contribute to the creation of "new public" in cooperation with municipalities.
We will advocate the co-operative spirit through people's growth with "independence, cooperation and compassion."
  1. We will cultivate the spirit of cooperation through daily work and activities as well as learning from each other.
    1. Someone who cares for people and communities.
    2. Someone who can accept what colleagues say and present his/her opinions.
    3. Someone who can accomplish jobs with colleagues with the constructive spirit.
  2. We will improve our abilities to accomplish "cooperative job creation."
    1. Abilities to grasp what people and communities need.
    2. Vocational capacities and expertise.
    3. Management skills.
    4. Networking skills and capabilities for movement.
  3. We will introduce the cooperative ways of living and working to the local residents and the future generations.
We will consolidate the associated worker cooperative movement through social solidarity.
  1. We will exchange our experiences in business, management, movement and organization and learn from each other.
  2. We will strengthen our solidarity, including people and funds, for mutual development of management in respective communities.
  3. We will develop our movement through enhanced cooperation with government, municipalities, private corporations, other co-op sectors and civic organizations.
We will expand the network of "not-for-profit and cooperation."
  1. We will strengthen our alliance with other co-op sectors in community development and job creation.
  2. We will develop "Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives" which are jointly created by workers, users and citizens.
  3. We will broaden our local network and promote collaboration with civic organizations, other businesses, specialists, universities and research institutes.
  4. In collaboration with workers and labor union movements, we will take action to promote humane work.
We will aim for a society with coexistence and cooperation in solidarity with people around the world.
  1. We will face up to the crises, such as wars and environmental destruction, and join the global civil movements.
  2. We will promote the "global solidarity among people" in response to the "capital globalization" and resulting massive unemployment and social exclusion of people.
  3. We will promote cooperatives and "social economy" throughout the world and build the "21st Century with Coexistence and Cooperation."

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