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News & Events: 2009

Worker Co-ops and Environment: JWCU's Presentation at CICOPA Seminar
(December 11, 2009)
On November 18th, CICOPA held an international seminar "Working Together for the Environment" along with CICOPA General Assembly. 6 representatives of worker co-ops around the globe, including JWCU, presented their efforts that would contribute to sustainable environment.

JWCU's presentation was on "Nanohana (Rapesseed) Project" at School of Independence for Youth, which provides support for young people who have difficulties in social lives.
This initiative has 2 purposes: To create jobs for youths and to make the jobs environmentally friendly. In this project, members grow rapeseeds and produce cooking oil (from the 1st extract) and bio fuel (from the 2nd extract with used cooking oil).

As environmental protection becomes more and more important, this seminar was a wonderful first step to exchange our experiences as well as to see the future challenges.

We should keep learning from each other and take action to save the planet.


Over 1,000 People Joined to Celebrate JWCU's 30th Anniversary
(October 8, 2009)
On September 5th and 6th, JWCU held a 2-day event in Tokyo to celebrate its 30th anniversary. We appreciate the warm messages for this event from ICA Geneva, CICOPA and ICA-Asia Pacific.

The first day was a forum that re-emphasized the importance of cooperatives as the agents for harmony in our society.
The second day consisted of a ceremony, which brought 573 people, and a reception that brought 1,033 people.

At the reception, Yuzo NAGATO (President & CEO) greeted "30 years ago, who would have imagine this day would come? As we are about to see Workers' Co-op Law in Japan, we are now becoming the moving force in our society. Our responsibilities are big, and we are committed to build the decent society through associated work!"

As we head for the next 30 years, international cooperation will become more significant than ever. We truly appreciate your kind support for us in the last 30 years and look forward to working together in the years to come!


30th JWCU General Assembly:
Historic Moments and Change of Presidency
(June 23, 2009)
JWCU's historic 30th general assembly took place on June 12th and 13th in Tokyo, bringing 326 people together.

Although the Law on Associated Workers' Co-operatives has not been approved yet, we are feeling that the goal is really near. The outline of the law has been made by Legislative Bureau, and each party is currently discussing the details of the outline.
Therefore, this year is not only the major milestone of JWCU as its 30th anniversary, but it can really be the beginning of New Era with our Law.

At this general assembly, (Mr.) Naomichi FURUTANI also resigned as President, and (Mr.) Yuzo NAGATO has become the new JWCU President. To read (Mr.) NAGATO's message, please click here.

JWCU would like to thank all the organizations and people who kindly sent warm messages for the general assembly and provide continuous support.

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