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News & Events: 2011

President of Leftover Love Sharing Community Visited JWCU
(October 20, 2011)
Dr. Kyung-Rim Lee, the President of Leftover Love Sharing Community (South Korea) and Ms. Eun-Kyung Lee, the Administrative Manager of its youth support program g1318 Happy Zoneh visited JWCU. They kindly donated over 360,000 yen for the relief fund last June.

(Mr.) Tofu FUJITA, the Vice President of JWCU, and our members in youth support department thanked them for their generosity and reported on our reconstruction efforts. (Mr.) Yuzo NAGATO, the President of JWCU, joined them for lunch and discussed the possibilities to strengthen our partnerships.While JWCU has a lot to learn from 1318 Happy Zone about youth support, our efforts in job creation can be informative for them as well.

We look forward to learning from each other and building stronger relationships!

JWCU Calling for Action toward Denuclearization!
(July 28, 2011)
Without any effort against issues of nuclear energy, the Tohoku Region will not be reconstructed. As one of our efforts for denuclearization, JWCU is engaged in a nationwide signature campaign for denuclearization which aims to collect more than ten million signatures.

The campaign was launched to demand political leaders to bring about a shift in nuclear energy policy toward the elimination of nuclear energy. The rally will be held on September 19th, 2011.

We would appreciate if you could show your support by signing the petition.

For more information, please visit the website.
Ten Million People's Action to say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants Website>>>
Please join the petition>>>
32nd JWCU General Assembly:
Building a New Society from the Tohoku Region- Lets's Stand up All Together for Recovery, Rebirth and Denuclearization!
(June 10, 2011)
JWCU's 32nd general assembly was held on June 10th to 11th in Tokyo. It was the cornerstone of our efforts for reconstruction in the face of damages by the earthquake and tsunami.

During the assembly, there were remarks from members in the affected areas.

At the general assembly, several important plans, including setting up Reconstruction Head Office in Sendai, were presented and approved
See more details on our future plans>>>
JWCU was very honored to receive many messages from our global friends. Again, JWCU would like to thank all the organizations and people that kindly sent warm messages for our general assembly and provide continuous support.

We are making a step toward recovery little by little. Please allow us to keep sharing our efforts with you, and we would like to share with the world our steps and basis and values of cooperatives toward 2012.
JWCU Welcomed 13-18HAPPYZONE
(February 5-7, 2011)
JWCU hosted eight guests from 13-18HAPPYZONE (South Korea) in the child care forum.

The child care forum was held from February 5th to 6th in Tokyo, and we invited members from 13-18 HAPPYZONE. They had informative presentations about their activities. We learned a lot from their activities, especially study support for youth. Japanese audience was eager to learn about their study support programs for youth, because such programs are not common in after-school day-care programs in Japan.
It was a valuable opportunity to exchange opinions about differences in support for youth between Japan and South Korea.

Besides attending the forum, on February 7th, they visited two sites of ours to learn about child care in Japan, Higashi-Azabu Nursery and Pokke (center for children and parents) in Tokyo.

We hope that their trip was meaningful and that they would share with their colleagues what they experienced.

JWCU would like to thank all of members for coming to our forum, having wonderful presentations and visiting our sites.

We look forward to stronger partnership!

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